April 09, 2018

5 Unique Educational Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Trying to figure out the perfect birthday gift for a child can be a tough decision. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless barrage of video games, gimmicky toys, cute outfits, and digital gadgets on the market. But two questions to consider when purchasing a birthday gift for a child are “Does the kid really need it?” and “Will this gift make an impact and enrich the child’s life?” If you’re looking to give something unique and meaningful, these five birthday gift ideas really offer an engaging and educational twist that both the kids and their parents are sure to love!


Tickets to an Event

A lot of kids don’t have the opportunity to get out and enjoy live events very often. With parents being so busy and having plenty of entertainment options at their fingertips at home, it’s sometimes easier to just sit them in front of a tablet for a quick cartoon or movie. However, live events offer a vastly different dynamic that will boost a child’s social and cultural experience. Depending on the age of the child, a great birthday gift could be tickets to a magic show, a musical for kids, a play, or even a symphony or opera. Bringing the child to see live entertainment can result in developing a real interest in the arts, bonding with family and others in attendance, exposing the child to social situations, and even with helping them grasp a better understanding of how to interact with others. If anything, it gives the birthday celebrant something special to look forward to that’s outside of the everyday routine.


Subscription to a Magazine or Monthly Box

You may remember getting monthly ZooBooks or Highlights in the mail as a kid. It was exciting to flip through the pages and learn something new about our favorite animals or work on a tricky puzzle with siblings or friends. Today, there are so many new magazines and monthly subscription boxes that could potentially spark curiosity in any young mind. From science to history to arts and crafts, there’s something that will appeal to every child’s interest and encourage them to pursue it. A yearly subscription to a monthly magazine or box is an easy, convenient and inexpensive birthday gift that will continue giving throughout the year. Popular kid’s magazines include Ask, Muse, and Cobblestone (all available through Amazon), and some trendy educational boxes to look into are Kiwi Crates and Bitsbox.


Yearly Membership to a Local Attraction

If a loved one’s birthday is right around the corner, it’s worth looking into area attractions that will really appeal to kids. Many cities have local zoos, museums, or aquariums that offer yearly membership packages. That way, the child can go as many times as they’d like (with parental supervision of course) during the year and explore the attractions a little deeper each time. If you know the kid is particularly interested in nature or science, zoos or aquariums are definitely the way to go. They will often have seasonal exhibits, interactive displays, or group classes to learn more about the animals, all included with the annual membership. The same goes for many museums, particularly museums that cater to children to foster interest in historical events. It’s also a good idea to purchase an annual membership for yourself or the parents to include as part of the gift.


Donation to a Charity of the Child’s Choice

For kids who are a little older, this is a wonderful gift idea for so many reasons. Not only do you help a charity with a donation, this gives you the opportunity to teach the child the importance of generosity and helping those in need. Rather than a tangible gift, the child is able to understand the concept of selfless giving and the impact their actions can have on others. This also allows for exploration of community issues and exposes them to people and groups who are really in need of assistance. You can provide a few charities to choose from so the child feels empowered by selecting the one he or she feels is most important. If possible, allowing the child to deliver the donation in person is even more rewarding for everyone involved.


Contribute to their College Savings

With the cost of college constantly on the rise, it’s difficult for parents to afford college expenses without properly planning ahead or utilizing some form of financial aid (which could obviously leave the child with mounds of unwanted debt). An awesome birthday gift idea, and one that will really help is contributing to the child’s College Savings Trust. College Savings Trust makes it extremely simple for grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and anyone else to give the gift of education and help parents get set for their kids educational future by contributing as little as $25, or as much as they would like. This gives parents a jump-start on saving for their child’s college education, as well as a chance for the child to graduate debt-free. You can even set-up automatic monthly or annual college savings gifts as a recurring gift or birthday present for the child.

With these birthday gift ideas, children will learn important life lessons that can lead to impactful opportunities as they grow up. With a focus on education and nurturing unique talents and interests, giving gifts that stimulate the mind or lead to future successes will help children develop into well-rounded, confident and educated adults.

Give Your Child The Gift Of Education.

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