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Information and this calculator is made available to you as a self-help tool for your independent use. This calculator is for hypothetical use only and depends upon the information you provide in order to make calculations. The calculations rely on a very limited number of simplifying assumptions and the results may vary for your actual situation. This calculator is meant to give you a general idea about how savings might grow with compounding calculations, based on the amounts and yields you provide. We are making absolutely no recommendations or providing any advice, nor are we making any guarantee of savings or yields. These estimates are not set in stone or intended as investment advice. All figures presented are estimates using standard time value of money calculations, compounding monthly, based upon the data you input. The tool does not project, predict or guarantee future college costs or savings. The estimated savings projections are intended only to be one source of information that may help users in their college savings planning. It does not reflect any actual investment(s), nor does it account for the effects of taxes or any investment expenses. Returns are not guaranteed and results will vary depending upon your specific circumstances. Investment returns, whether for college savings, retirement savings, personal savings or anything else are based solely upon the investments you choose, given your unique risk tolerances and time horizons, and will fluctuate unpredictably. Investment results may be more or less, and non-FDIC insured investments in stocks, bonds, real estate or anything else may gain in value or may cause you to lose some of all of your savings. We do not provide legal, tax or investment advice and encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals.

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