Corporate College Savings Matching Program

Many employers will generously match employee contributions to their children’s college savings accounts: please check with your employer to see if they have a corporate matching gift program!

How does a matching gift program work?

Although programs may vary from company to company, the overall process is usually very simple:

Check With Your Company

Confirm that it has a matching gifts program. Matching gifts must be employee initiated.
College Savings Trust

Complete And Send Form

Obtain the appropriate form from your employer. Complete the form and send it to the appropriate person at your company.
College Savings Trust

Log Onto Your College Savings Account

Click to “Contributions” and put in a one-time amount (so our accounting team knows to expect and deposit the funds into your account). Or, for recurring contributions, it is easiest if your company’s representative uses either your accounts “share” link or the general “gift” link here on
College Savings Trust

Your Company Matches Contribution

Your company will send the matching contribution to your college savings trust!
College Savings Trust
College Savings Trust

If your employer has a corporate matching gift program, your child's college savings trust could potentially double in value at no extra cost to you!

College Savings Trust

Our Corporate Matching Gift Program Contact Information:
Note: Prime Trust does not have any specific requirements for employers. All matching gift program guidelines are determined by each company for their employees. Please talk to your employer about their specific matching gift guidelines.