May 10, 2018

PARENTS: 5 Ways to Prevent Stress when Grads Move Back Home

PARENTS: 5 Ways to Prevent Stress when Grads Move Back Home

A parent’s role and responsibility is to provide for their children. Today, many parents are taking on the added role of helping provide for graduates forced to move back home after college. Here are a few tips on how to make this transition an easier one.

  1. Clear Communication
    Talking to your children about their plans for moving back home can be awkward. Unfortunately, without a clear discussion regarding timeline, rules, and expectations, tension is likely to ensue.
  2. Define Your New Relationship
    Falling back into old family patterns is easy when it comes to interacting with our kids, but they have grown and so have we. Clearly defining your new role in your adult child’s life will make it easier to have a healthy relationship and avoid resentments.
  3. Maintain Your Social Interactions
    When college students are out of the house, building a different life and spending time doing new activities becomes routine. Keeping up with these new hobbies and relationships after your kids return home is a vital part of a smooth transition.
  4. Decide on Rent
    Is your graduate employed? Are you going to charge them rent or allow them to contribute in other ways? Deciding this before your child moves back
    in will help them understand their role in the house.
  5. Don’t Compromise Your Own Finances
    As parents, it’s easy to convince ourselves it’s worth it to sacrifice our savings to help graduates pay off student loans. However, it’s much easier to teach them how to budget their own money than it is figuring out how to live without your own. Help them make a budget, and then encourage them to stick to it!

Using these tips to live with your graduate is an opportunity to help them succeed in leaving the house successful and debt-free. For parents with younger children, there are options to help you save today. College Savings Trust gives your children a head-start and lets your family and friends contribute to their future! An education is important, but the gift of a brighter future for the whole family is priceless.

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